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I am in a final stage of getting my app ready and am stuck on a couple of items.

  1. When an item is dragged from left column into main area it needs to create a new group box, which it does OK. But if I drag another item into this newly created box, instead of staying there it creates another new box...

  2. I drag items into pre-defined boxes. Then I decide to create a new box by dragging an item from pre=defined box into the yellow area. It does not, but floats back into the box. It must be able to create a new box whether it is dragged from the left column or from any other box in the main area.

Would appreciate a fresh pair of eyes taking a look at it and letting me know what am I missing here.

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Can't access your test page. It's protected by a password. –  satrun77 May 15 '11 at 23:23
Can you try calling $("#dropZone").droppable({ before the initial calls to createStack? I'm curious if the difference between the static ones and the dynamic is that droppable has already been called when the new one is created. Additionally, have you tried calling the dynamically added ones with creator = true just to eliminate that as the problem? –  James Montagne May 16 '11 at 3:08
So sorry, tested something else and left password enabled. Should be cleared now. –  santa May 16 '11 at 14:36

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The first problem is solved if you set the greedy option of newStack droppable to true. This prevents drop events to propagate to other container droppables like, in your case, #dropZone, that was creating a new stack:

    tolerance: "intersect",
    accept: ".card",
--> greedy: true,  <--
    drop: function(event, ui) {
            card = ui.draggable;

The second problem is solved if you change the accept option of #dropZone droppable just to .card. This is because cards on stacks have the class name stackcard, which surely makes the function return false:

    /*accept: '.card', function(dropElem) {
                return (!dropElem.hasClass("stackcard"));
--> accept: '.card' <--
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Brilliant! Thank you so much! –  santa May 18 '11 at 3:23
@santa, There's a problem in createEmptyStack server code. It's always returning an empty string as id. –  marcosfromero May 19 '11 at 1:56
Oh, you're good. Yes, I added some code today that obstructed some of my older code from creating the groups properly. I removed it and now I can create multiple boxes, but for some reason I can't move items from block to block. Man, this never stops... –  santa May 19 '11 at 2:21
I think I got it! Part of the same problem -- I was using an creator ID. Not that it's fixed, how do I make my draggable items to be always on top? I even tried adding z-index:9999, but the stacks seem to be always above... weird. –  santa May 19 '11 at 2:40

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