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I had installed ubuntu 10.04.

A user account has been created under my name.

But no question has been asked of root account.

So, I was wondering how to login under root account.

Kindly provide some suggestions.

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Ubuntu is secure because of that very feature. The root account is very dangerous to use. If you make a file with that account, only root can delete it. The trash can fills up, but you can't empty it. It's a pain, so don't do it.

You are probably needing to do something with elevated privileges. The command sudo lets you do just that.

It lets you run individual commands as root, without being root. It's quite simple to use:

sudo do --stuff=here

And you will be prompted for a password (your password, not root's).

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Although I agree that sudo is a better approach, I think the first paragraph is alarmist . There's some good information here regarding the potential downside of logging in as root. –  mdec May 13 '11 at 5:15
Those are basically all the problems I've ever had with `root ;) –  Blender May 13 '11 at 5:17
It's an odd list of the dangers of root. The primary risk of logging in as root is that you accidentally make significant and unintended changes to the system (very possibly without noticing). –  itsbruce Oct 5 '12 at 7:44

Typically, people are happy with sudo(8) access to system administrator commands. I personally love sudo -s.

But if you must enable direct logins to root, Ubuntu has provided instructions you can follow.

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One of the things i do not like from ubuntu is this thing.

In order to "create" a root account, you can do

sudo passwd

Then you will type a password, after that you can always use


In order to login as root, and of course, sudo is still there anyway :)

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You don't need to login as root

Instead you use sudo to perform those tasks.

It will ask for your password.

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In ubuntu, you use your user account instead. Use:

sudo "what you want to do"

In a terminal to perform a task with elevated rights.

If you specifically want to log on as root, use:

sudo su
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Actually I believe sudo -i is the preferred way of getting a root prompt. –  Chris May 13 '11 at 5:00

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