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I am having a problem in reading and writing the files in folders and subfolders .

can anyonesay me how can i give multiple path to find files in the subfolders.

For Example:- test is the main folder

1) C:\test\

and i want to read and write the subfolder files




my code is working for only 1 folder not for subfolders.

my code is .

   public void Timer1_Tick(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)

     string Path1 = "c:\\test" + "\\12-05-2011.txt");
     StreamReader reader1 = File.OpenText(Path1);
     string str = reader1.ReadToEnd();
     string[] Strarray = str.Split(new char[] {Strings.ChrW(10)});
     int abc = Strarray.Length - 2;

can anyone say me what i need to change in this code.

Thanks In Advance


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