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I am querying to server through flex,first time its show the result but when I insert a new record and query next time,its shows previous results only(problem facing in IE but not in chrome).

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You can parametrize your http(?) request, and by setting an always changing parameter, you can make sure that your response never gets read from cache.
In the examples below I use a parameter with the name nocache for this task:

You can set the nocache parameter in your url string:

var url:String = "http://data.your.server?nocache=" + new Date().getTime();

Or -if you use a URLRequest, you can set it inside its data member:

//the url from where you get the data
var url:String = "http://data.your.server";

var urlVars:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
urlVars.nocache = new Date().getTime();
//set the other parameters (if any)

//attach the parameter list to your request
var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
request.data = urlVars;

Here the new Date().getTime() will return the system's current time in milliseconds, so this way you can be sure, that it won't get called with this parameter value again.

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That's because IE caches your request.

Add a random query string parameter to the remote URL you use, like http://myserver.com/fetch_data?random=4234324

(And by random I don't mean use 4234324 all the time, use actionscript to generate a random number and append it to the url)

See this KB from adobe

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