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Is there a way to create a node that has mixed XML content in it with the PHP DOM?

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If I understood you correctly you want something similar to innerHTML in JavaScript. There is a solution to that:

$xmlString = 'some <b>mixed</b> content';

$dom = new DOMDocument;
$fragment = $dom->createDocumentFragment();
// done

To sumarize. What you need is:

Although you didn't asked about it I'll tell you how to get the string representation of a DOM node as opposed to the whole DOM document:

// for a DOMDocument you have
$string = $dom->saveXML();

$string = $dom->saveHTMLFile($file);

// For a DOMElement you have
$node = $dom->getElementById('some-id');

$string = $node->C14N();

Those two methods are currently not documented.

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