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I have a php file that creates a json output. my problem is that i will need lots of functions that return json data. For example:

  1. i will need to fetch a list of all customers in a given db;
  2. I will need to fetch all vehicles from a given customer;
  3. i will need to fetch all data from a given vehicle

and so on. At this point i can have all this working if each function is in a separate php file. The complexity of this is only going to increase and i dont want to have lots of files cluttering the file system. Is there a way around this? any practical example would be appreciated

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Sure. If you have one function for each type of action, like this:

function action_hello_world() {
    echo "Hello, world!";
function action_hello() {
    echo "Hello, {$_GET["name"]}!";

Then create an array of valid actions:

$valid_actions=array("hello_world", "hello");

Then we have a GET parameter called action:


We check to make sure it's valid...

if(!in_array($action, $valid_actions)) {
    die("Invalid action.");

Then we call the correct function:

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ok, but that code is php. how do i call these different functions on javascript? what would be the .getJSON relevant parameters? – sergio May 13 '11 at 7:21
@sergio: $.getJSON("some_file.php?action=hello_world", ...) – icktoofay May 14 '11 at 21:10

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