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I am using jqgrid inline editing with validation in grid using edit rules . i want to add class to highlight errors(eg: ui-state-error) for the input which fails in validation . i can set class to highlight error using this

jQuery('#'+grid_id).jqGrid('setCell',row_id,errfields[a],'','ui-state-error',{color: 'blue'});

But it is not working in jqgrid when inbuilt validation fails . How do i highlight the validation error triggered cell/input .

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The demo shows how the probelm can be solved:

enter image description here

In the demo the columns "Amount", "Tax" and "Total" will be validated with the following validation rule:


On any validation error the first input field where the validation failed dditional class "ui-state-error" will be added. It is the standard jQuery UI CSS class. Addionally I set focus to the input field.

For the implementation I overwride (chain) the default implementation of the methods $.jgrid.checkValues and $.jgrid.hideModal. Here is the corresponding code:

var grid = $("#list");
    // define all jqGrid options

var originalCheckValues = $.jgrid.checkValues,
    originalHideModal = $.jgrid.hideModal,
    iColWithError = 0;
$.jgrid.checkValues = function(val, valref,g, customobject, nam) {
    var tr,td,
        ret = originalCheckValues.call(this,val, valref,g, customobject, nam);
    if (!ret[0]) {
        tr = g.rows.namedItem(editingRowId);
        if (tr) {
            iColWithError = valref; // save to set later the focus
            //error_td_input_selector = 'tr#'+editingRowId+' > td:nth-child('+(valref+1)+') > input.editable[type="text"]:first';
            td = tr.cells[valref];
            if (td) {
    return ret;
$.jgrid.hideModal = function (selector,o) {
    var input, oldOnClose, td,
        tr = grid[0].rows.namedItem(editingRowId);
    if (tr) {
        td = tr.cells[iColWithError];
        if (td) {
            input = $(td).children('input.editable[type="text"]:first');
            if (input.length > 0) {
                oldOnClose = o.onClose;
                o.onClose = function(s) {
                    if ($.isFunction(oldOnClose)) {
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Thanks a lot .The ans is very helpful . do i need to repeat '$.jgrid.checkValues' and '$.jgrid.hideModal' functions in each grid , if i have more that two editable grid in a page . –  Shermi May 31 '11 at 4:52
@Shermi: The $, $.jgrid are global objects which belongs to the window object. So the full name of $.jgrid.checkValues and $.jgrid.hideModal is window.$.jgrid.checkValues and window.$.jgrid.hideModal. In other words the function checkValues and hideModal belong not the instance of the grid and thus should be reimplemented only once. –  Oleg May 31 '11 at 5:25
@Oleg: When using the above code for overriding the checkValues method I am getting "too much recursion" error on Firefox console for this line ret = originalCheckValues.call(this,val, valref,g, customobject, nam); –  RRK Mar 19 '13 at 23:38
@RRK: The demo which I posted don't have the described problem. So I suppose that there are problem in your code. For example you inserted the code which I suggested more as one times. –  Oleg Mar 20 '13 at 3:39
@Oleg: Thank you. I had inserted the above code outside the document.ready(); method and hence the error. After I placed the code inside the ready() method I no longer get the recursion error. In addition to highlighting the cell, i was able to add a qtip error message on the cell. I would now like to disable the popup dialog with the error message that jqgrid displays. Any ideas? –  RRK Mar 20 '13 at 16:52

In my project, I combine to use jqgrid and jquery validation plugin to examine and highlight errors, to provide unified look and feel in the entire application. You can use rowId_columnName as id to find the editor (input, select, etc.), e.g. $('#1_name') for name column in row 1 and then use the jquery object to add a rules, e.g. $('#1_name').rules('add', {required:true}) to add a rule to enforce that the cell is required, then calling $('#1_name').valid() to force a validation pass when value is submitted, e.g. before calling jqgrid saveRow method. Open the link for the plugin to know more about rules method and valid method.

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@Druid, thanks for syntax highlighting.. –  tedyyu Sep 20 '12 at 2:27
can you help me in this regard by having a look at my question –  faizanjehangir Oct 25 '12 at 9:08

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