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The startActivityForResult()and onActivityResult works perfect if there are only two activities are involved. But how can I handle this, if more than 2 activities exists? Example: Activity A starts a new activity B, that starts activity C, that starts activity D. I want to return the result of D to activity A along with finishing activities B and C. How can I do this? Can I loop through the activity stack and finish the wanted activities or must I start a new instance of activity A?

For short: A->B->C->D has to lead back to A with the result of D.

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In my opinion the most logical way is have the Activities take responsibility for this.

  1. D returns d to C.
  2. C returns d and c to B.
  3. B returns b,c,d to A.

This will force you to consider the error conditions when the Activities don't happen in this cycle explicitly.

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Going back closing each activity would be a good way of doing things, but if you need to jump from an activity to another and you're not using a TabHost, you could take a look at the APIDemo Reorder code

It jumps from an activity (4th) to a previous opened one (2nd) in this way:

Intent intent = new Intent(ReorderFour.this, ReorderTwo.class);
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thanks for the answer. Not quit what I've searched for but I assume that I will need this someday. –  AlexVogel May 13 '11 at 8:28

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