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Hi guys I'm curious if there is any in-depth articles/eBooks/ that cover WebMatrix technology. I was lookin @ MSDN video tutorials so far, but I would like to dig deeper, so looking for in-depth coverage of technology. If you can recommend one, or provide links I would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.

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The only book that's currently shipping I am aware of is Web Development 101 using Webmatrix. It's an eBook for Kindle. I sometimes run the Kindle software on my computer when developing side by side with the development environment. This is a basic introduction by Laurence Moroney. He also has a more comprehensive book Introducing Microsoft WebMatrix due May 20, 2011.

You should read all of Mike's Web Matrix blog entries. Mike has a book in the works, but it's not shipping yet.

Getting Started with WebMatrix is pretty helpful from the Microsoft ASP site.

The How To's for WebMatrix from the Microsoft Site are a basic introduction.

SimpleMembership for WebPages is an introduction to how to add authentication, log-in, membership to a website. It's from Matthew Osborn and he has additional Webmatrix Entries

Razor Syntax Quick Reference is a cheat sheet by Phil Haack.

ScottGu's WebMatrix posts should be read.

It's worth reading Thoughts on WebMatrix by Rob Conery. Rob has created a micro-ORM (he calls it Data Access Happyness) called Massive which originally was just for WebMatrix, but I believe has expanded beyond it.

Speaking of Rob Conery, it's a good podcast worthy of listening to HanselMinutes podcast on WebMatrix with Scott Hanselman. They developed This Developer's Life in WebMatrix.

Erik Reitan's WebMatrix blog entries are helpful, especially about Helpers.

Chris Love's WebMatrix entries are helpful, especially for using jQuery Templates.

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Thanx for reply Knox! and thanx for all the provided links, seems we have to wait till books, that cover WebMatrix technology in-depth, will be published. – jas_cart May 13 '11 at 11:23

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