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I see that there are several ways to distort an image. like...Circle, Diffuse, Marble, Ripple, Twirl, Water, ...

I have come across some ipl functions like, iplRotateCenter(), iplWarpAffine(), iplShear() etc. does OpenCV have any such functions? if i need to use the ipl library in opencv, how to do it?

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You are asking two independent questions, consider dividing them into two StackOverflow questions. (1. How to distort in OpenCV..., 2. How to call IPL from OpenCV...). –  Danny Varod May 13 '11 at 10:29

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Open CV has such functions. Old openCV (C inreface), methods like cvWarpPerspective(), cvRemap(), cvLogPolar() New openCV (C++ inreface), methods like warpPerspective(), remap(),...

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