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I have a .po file like this:

msgid "Edit"
msgstr "تعديل"

msgid "Delete"
msgstr "حذف"

msgid "Are you sure you want to delete # %s?"
msgstr "هل تريد بالتأكيد حذف رقم # %s?"

and my .tpl files are like this:

<a href='#'><?php __('تعديل');?></a>
<a href='#'><?php __('حذف');?></a>

is there any cake bake command, or any php script, can help me finding and replacing all none translated words in .ctp files with their corresponding msgid from the .po file?

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There is no automated script for that as part of cake that I am aware of, but you could do something with a custom PHP script and 'sed' I would guess.

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