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I am having a rails form which has one field of image upload, like:

<% form_for @c, :html => { :multipart => true } do |f| %>
   <%= f.file_field(:b, :size=>63, :class=>"fontsize13") %>
   <%= image_tag @c.b.url(:thumb) %>
<% end %>

On saving this form, the action is

def update
  @c = C.find(params[:id])
  if params[:c]
               redirect_to :action => "index"
      flash[:error] = @c.errors.full_messages.join('<br />')

This will upload the image and loads the same page again to show the image uploaded in the preview and in the layout logo too.

I am trying to show the image on save by ajax instead of page refreshing again.

I have tried with form_remote_tag by

<% form_remote_tag :url => {:controller => "c",:action => "update"}, :html => {:multipart => true } do |f| -%>
  <%= f.file_field :b%>
<% end %>

But this shows me error as Undefined method file_field for nil

Please give suggestions

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check this blog post

form_remote_tag and file_field doesn't marry each other for some security reasons. The blog post will give you some alternate options instead.

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