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I am using Spork to speed up my RSpec tests. Unfortunately my application_controller.rb gets not reloaded on each run so that I have to restart Spork when modifying it. Is there a way to force a reload on each test run? I guess I need some additional line in Spork.each_run.

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Try putting ActiveSupport::Dependencies.clear into the Spork.each_run block. I would then remove this when you're done autotesting application_controller.rb, although the new delay shouldn't be too bad.

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I had the same issue, but Spork is designed to automatically reload application_controller.rb without changes. So I dug into it and as mentioned in a comment in this blog post I ran spork --diagnose. It lists all of the files initially loaded by spork and the backtrace for how each file was loaded. This showed me that in my app I happened to have an initializer that was referencing a subclass of ApplicationController and thus it was getting loading initially. Once I broke that dependency my application_controller.rb started reloading correctly on each test run when using Spork.

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