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I want to get the list all the available interfaces on a particular PC along with their types that is wired or wireless. Currently I am doing the following but no success:-

ioctl(sd, SIOCGIFNAME, &ifr);
printf("Interface name :%s\n",ifname);

It will also be good if only names are available.

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Getting the type of interface might be hard, but enumerating the interfaces(and their addresses) is pretty straight foreward see stackoverflow.com/questions/2021549/… or stackoverflow.com/questions/3909656/… –  nos May 13 '11 at 13:33

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If you're on ubuntu, as your tags indicate, you can always read /proc/net/dev which has the information you're looking for in it.

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ifconfig -a

for all you can see interfaces avalaible lists you don't need script for C code for this,

İf you wanna more information for your interfaces


You can find your interfaces type and models

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