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Hi I am creating two lists to hold good and bad data values. I pass these lists to a method where I add a new key value to the goodMap, check some conditions on the record if it is not good then add that record to the bad file and remove it from the good File ,but I recieve oncurrentModificationException while doing so. How do i Fix this?


    //original Lists of users
    List<Map<Object, Object>> _goodFile
    List<Map<Object, Object>> _badFile

    //tempList to hold return value
    List<Object> _tempList=new ArrayList<Object>(1);

    //call the method

     //assign the values back to original list

    //this is the method for cleaning

    public List<Object> cleanMap ( List<Map<Object, Object>> _temp1, List<Map<Object, Object>> _temp2)


//return List

 List<Object> _returnList =new ArrayList<Object>(1);

for (Iterator<Map<Object, Object>> i = _temp1
                    .iterator(); i.hasNext();) 

    Map<Object, Object> _Record = i.next();

     //first add a new key value pair to goodFile map

    // check for condition; if it is bad remove from list

    if (bad)
    //first add in bad file

    //then remove from good file


return _returnList;

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Instead of doing this:


try doing this:


See the javadoc for Iterator.remove.

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Otherwise you can also use ConcurrentHashMap(),instead of hashMap ,It won't give you concurrentmodificationexception at the time of removing the elements when you iterate.

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