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I'm trying to access my content on my Azure CDN via a a custom domain (cdn.mydomain.com/pictures/logo.jpg)

But I get an error 400:

        The requested URI does not represent any resource on the server. RequestId:8fa9ea29-e46f-4053-a902-5707d19e1520 Time:2011-05-13T09:40:08.3459953Z

However, when accessing through the URL given på Azure (accountname.blob.core.windows.net) things work perfectly.

The storage is created a few weeks ago, and so is the custom domain. I've created a CNAME and pointed it to accountname.blob.core.windows.net.

How to show content from my custom domain?

EDIT: I tried pointing my custom domain to xxxxxxx.vo.msecnd.net. Now, all I get is a blank page. I can't seem to figure out where to point my custom domain. No matter what, I end up with a http error 400.

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Have you followed the CName mapping instructions in http://blog.smarx.com/posts/using-the-new-windows-azure-cdn-with-a-custom-domain ?

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This must be the most correct answer, because the domain should actually point at xxxxxxx.vo.msecnd.net. I guess the blank pages was some kind of cache or something. –  Kordonme May 17 '11 at 9:49

I have not used the Azure CDN, but I suggest you verify that your CNAME is set up properly. Try dig your DNS name and check that it includes something like

cdn.mydomain.com.   7200    IN  CNAME   accountname.blob.core.windows.net.
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