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It's hard to compose a topic name for me. But I can show an example :

WHERE   (SELECT [ID_Line] FROM [Event] WHERE [Event].[Name]  = [A].[Col]) = 2
AND     (SELECT [DataType] FROM [Event] WHERE [Event].[Name]  = [A].[Col]) = 2

Here I'm processing 2 queries when I really need something like that :

WHERE   (SELECT [ID_Line],[DataType] FROM [Event] WHERE [Event].[Name]  = [A].[Col]) = 2,2

but SQL doesn't work with tuples, so must I make Inner Join here ?

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What RDBMS please? –  gbn May 13 '11 at 10:06
@gbn ms sql 2008 express –  Hea May 13 '11 at 10:31

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you can try something like this :

    SELECT [ID_Line] FROM [Event] WHERE
        [Event].[Name]  = [A].[Col] AND
        [Event].[ID_Line] = 2 AND
        [Event].[DataType] = 2

If you provide more information about the complete query and your database structure, a more precise answer could be given. It is possible that this isn't the best solution.

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You can try to melt the fields using a melting operator. In ORACLE PL/SQL you use || (double pipe), for example.

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