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I am developing an application of create event in facebook . It has a regiatration page when a user creates event he can sell or buy ticket .the question is how can i show facess of people who are attending the event created by my application?

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If you've got the facebook ids ($uid) of the people who are attending to your event, you can show their face with a img tag with the href from this quick function:

public function getPicture($uid, $size) {
    return "".$uid."/picture?type=".$size;

There is several sizes :

  • square (50x50)
  • small (50 pixels wide, variable height)
  • normal (100 pixels wide, variable height)
  • large (about 200 pixels wide, variable height)


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sir i dont have the facebook ids of people attending the event.can u tell me how to fetch the facebook id s of attendes jmeyo – Francis D Cunha May 13 '11 at 11:16

To get the users who are attending, you need to call the "attending" connection of the event object:

Then you could use the approach mentioned by @jmeyo.

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