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this might sound rather stupid, but I couldn't really find an answer in my books.

Some books use the term "XSLT-Stylesheet" while others tend to use "XSL-Stylesheet" and some use both terms. I can't really figure out the difference between both terms, to me it seems like they are exactly the same. Am I correct here?

Thanks for your help.

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This is explained in Wikipedia:

Sometimes XSL refers to XSLT: this usage is best avoided. However, "xsl" is used both as the conventional namespace prefix for the XSLT namespace, and as the conventional filename suffix for files containing XSLT stylesheet modules

So yes, often XSLT-Stylesheet and XSL-Stylesheet are used interchangeably.

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XSLT is part of XSL, so both is correct but XSLT-Stylesheet is more precise.

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