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I'm trying to read a file's id3v2 tag information using the TagLib# library with Powershell. Reading the standard tag properties is not a problem (artist, title etc.), but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to read the ID3v2 frames (specifically the COMMENT).

Can anyone provide a simple example as to how to accomplish this? Documentation on this is scarce it seems.

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Can you give samples of what is working and what is not working ? –  JPBlanc May 13 '11 at 12:32

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This seems to work for me - could you please clarify your question with what isn't working?

# load the TagLib# assembly into PowerShell

# grab the MP3 file with TagLib
$file = [TagLib.File]::Create("C:\overture.mp3")

# read the COMMENT tag field

For me at least, this output the following line:

Amazon.com Song ID: 123456789
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Figured it out.

This is what I was trying to accomplish:

# load the TagLib# assembly into PowerShell

$media = [TagLib.MPEG.File]::Create("C:\1812 Overture.mp3")
[TagLib.Id3v2.Tag] $currId3v2 = $media.GetTag([TagLib.TagTypes]::Id3v2)

$commentFrames = $currId3v2.GetFrames("COMM")

Sorry if I was not descriptive enough.

And thanks for the willingness to help.

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