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So far i have made a table with products and its sums, according to a months, i am a new in this so i have a mistake: Variable total2_1_27 is undefined. i cant get the sums of products by month, i found so far by a row but couldnt get by column... so here is the code: http://jsfiddle.net/Tskak/1/ i just can't understand how do i define this total2, this line:

<cfset 'total2_#ddd_other#_#p_index#'=evaluate('total2_#ddd_other#_#p_index#') + #evaluate('alan2_#ddd_other#_#p_index#')#>

pls somebody help! and thank you all for the help!

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I would definitely start with some refactoring. At least splitting data preparing and rendering would help to make it more readable. –  Sergii May 13 '11 at 11:34
u can have a look at the code from jsfiddle, there more convenient –  user745110 May 13 '11 at 11:37
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Don't use evaluate or put variable names inside quotes in a cfset like <cfset 'blah_#x#' = foo>.

Instead refer to variables like this:

<cfset variables['total2_#ddd_other#_#p_index#'] = variables['total2_#ddd_other#_#p_index#'] + variables['alan2_#ddd_other#_#p_index#']>


<cfset variables['total2_' & ddd_other & '_' & p_index] = variables['total2_' & ddd_other & '_' & p_index] + variables['alan2_' & ddd_other & '_' & p_index]>

This is assuming that the value is in the variables scope. If it was in say session scope you'd refer to it session['total2_' & ddd_other & '_' & p_index]. Also you can use += in CF8 and CF9, so this would be fine:

<cfset variables['total2_' & ddd_other & '_' & p_index] += variables['alan2_' & ddd_other & '_' & p_index]>
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Hopefully you are on SQL Server 2005 or greater. I am assuming you are on SQL Server because of the use of the DATEPART function. I would actually tackle your problem using the PIVOT command in SQL Server to take your list of totals by product ID and month and convert them to columns in your CFQUERY. It will greatly reduce the amount of code on the page and if you do the totaling in the query should reduce the code down to the CFQUERY and then a simple CFOUTPUT/CFLOOP around the table. It will get rid of all your lists and loops within your lists. Will make this page a joy to code instead of the headache it is now.

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thank you, so i should rewrite the queries? i just don't know, does this PIVOT works on my server now, and i don't know sql that much to write it from the beginning, i think it will be better if i find answer here :) –  user745110 May 13 '11 at 12:15
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