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$friends = $facebook->api(array('method'=>'fql.query',
                                'query'=>'SELECT src_big, pid, src 
                                            FROM photo 
                                           WHERE owner = "$user_id" '));

Please advise me... I want the select to get the photos and albums and comment, recent updates.

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To return the photos you need first to select the albums. Try it:

SELECT src_big, pid, src FROM photo WHERE aid IN (SELECT aid FROM album WHERE owner = "$user_id")
share|improve this answer works but when i but the coding like this ...SELECT src_big, pid, src FROM photo WHERE aid IN (SELECT aid FROM album WHERE owner = "$user_id") . Again it displays the empty array. If i put the me() instead of the $user_id. then it works for me. – ananth May 16 '11 at 10:27
@ananth can you please mail me full code for getting albums using gragh api...i have tried many ways...but my query returns only empty array .thanks in – jack Aug 15 '12 at 6:54

In addition to the above: Permission to photos is also required: if you have only user_photos, you cannot query the friend's photos etc. So request user permissions:


as described in

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