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I'm a newbie with OpenJDK and I'm just wondering if there were any OpenJDK version available to Windows OS. From the OpenJDK home page (http://openjdk.java.net/) it redirects to Oracle Sun JRE for Windows machine.

Is there any existing OpenJDK available to Windows? If yes, where to get it? If not, do w have to build it by ourselves (see http://blogs.oracle.com/poonam/entry/building_openjdk_on_windows)

Thanks by advance for you support.

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Perhaps the Oracle distribution is the best place to start for a newbie. oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html This is based on OpenJDK and the differences are fairly obscure. –  Peter Lawrey May 13 '11 at 12:12
It may be important to note the different licensing terms for the OpenJDK and the Oracle distribution. The Oracle distribution is only licensed for use on a general purpose computer. Should you be targeting an embedded device then you need to negotiate a license with Oracle for which I presume they expect money. –  Howard May Apr 17 '12 at 10:37

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You may find OpenJDK 6 and 7 binaries for Windows in openjdk-unofficial-builds github project.

Disclaimer: I've built them myself

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+1 ! excuse me if I ask, but is there a reason that are the binaries hosted on bitbucket if the code seems to be on github? –  naxa Feb 4 at 17:21
@naxa github closed downloads section soon after the first release of these builds. And there is a full project mirror on bitbucket, not only binaries. –  alexkasko Feb 4 at 19:55

In case you are still looking for a Windows build of OpenJDK, Azul Systems launched the Zulu product line last fall. The Zulu distribution of OpenJDK is built and tested on Windows and Linux. We posted the OpenJDK 8 version this week, though OpenJDK 7 and 6 are both available too. The following URL leads to you free downloads, the Zulu community forum, and other details: http://www.azulsystems.com/products/zulu These are binary downloads, so you do not need to build OpenJDK from scratch to use them.

I can attest that building OpenJDK 6 for Windows was not a trivial exercise. Of the six different platforms we've built [Windows|Linux]x[OpenJDK6|OpenJDK7|OpenJDK8] for x64 so far, the Windows OpenJDK6 build took by far the most effort to wring out items that didn't work on Windows, or would not pass the Technical Compatibility Kit test protocol for Java SE 6 "as is."

Disclaimer: I am the Product Manager for Zulu. You can review my Zulu release notices here: https://support.azulsystems.com/hc/communities/public/topics/200063190-Zulu-Releases I hope this helps.

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Are you planning to add support for JavaFX in any future releases of your product? –  Kounavi Sep 16 at 22:11
JavaFX has not been formally lodged as a request in the Zulu forum yet. There have been a few people casually interested in FX, though no formal request tickets yet. –  Matt Schuetze Nov 26 at 18:35
I see. Well, then maybe I will make it a formal request in the future, who knows? :P Thanks for the response! :] –  Kounavi Nov 27 at 15:53

OpenSCG maintains OpenJDK 6 installers for 32-bit Windows and other operating systems.

To configure it, create a JAVA_HOME environment variable and set it to C:\OpenSCG\openjdk-6.0.24 or whatever is the current version. Then add %JAVA_HOME%\bin; to the beginning of your PATH environment variable.

You can edit your environment variables by contextual clicking (My) Computer, selecting Properties, clicking Advanced system settings if you’re in Windows 7, clicking the Advanced tab and then clicking Environment Variables.

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Does this support graphical applications or is it command line only? –  Robert Klemme Oct 7 '13 at 18:33

Only OpenJDK 7. OpenJDK6 is basically the same code base as SUN's version, that's why it redirects you to the official Oracle site.

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I wonder why there are no OpenJDK 6 binary downloads for Windows. Granted: The Oracle JDK is mostly the same thing, but the same thing can be said for Linux and Solaris: they are mostly the same thing, why provide OpenJDK binaries for those platforms, then? –  Joachim Sauer May 13 '11 at 14:24
I can't find the OpenJDK Binaries anymore. Anybody has an idea if and where one can find them? –  eckes Jan 7 '12 at 11:41
@eckes java7developer.com/blog/?p=55 seems to indicate (in the comments at the end) to go back to the Oracle website... –  VonC Feb 2 '12 at 16:29
@VonC I actually found a official compile from Sun, the RI of Java SE 7. However they claim they will not update it: download.java.net/openjdk/jdk7/promoted/b146/jcp_bcl –  eckes Feb 7 '12 at 18:02
@eckes: very interesting. I have updated stackoverflow.com/a/9113640/6309 accordingly. –  VonC Feb 7 '12 at 19:04

The RI (severly outdated, broken and insecure, as well as not supported or maintained) is here: http://download.java.net/openjdk/jdk7/promoted/b146/jcp_bcl/

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