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I'm new to both Python and web.py (which I am currently using) so please bear with me.

In the official document:

import web
db = web.database(dbn='postgres', db='mydata', user='dbuser', pw='')
results = db.query("SELECT COUNT(*) AS total_users FROM users")
print results[0].total_users # -> prints number of entries in 'users' table

Looks like the result of the query is a list of dictionaries {total_user: num} right?

My situation is very similar: running a SELECT against the database, hoping to get a list of key:value data.

In models.py:

def get_items:
    return self.db.query("SELECT title FROM news")

In code.py:

items = model.get_items
return render.list(items)

In templates/list.html:

$def with (items)
$for item in items:

However, the code triggers an error as "'tuple' object has no attribute 'title'". What have I done wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Looks like there is an error in get_items function definition and call. It should be def get_items() and items = model.get_items(). – Anand Chitipothu Jul 23 '12 at 1:39

It will trigger, because you are just selecting only the title attribute from news, which obvioulsy will give tuple like (a,b,c,d) as result. if you want a object as result,do something like this

self.db.query("SELECT * FROM news")
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Thanks Abdul, but actually I simplified the query to save space. In the original query, multiple fields (including title of course) are selected, and the result is still the same. It's important to note that I was using MySQLdb. Switching to Postgres eliminates the problem - result is returned as dictionaries correctly. – user754194 May 15 '11 at 4:07

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