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Step 2 in my quest for today is creating ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor views that are able to handle class-subclass objects. So i want a form/page that can handle Person -> Woman or Person -> Man based on the selection of a DropDownList (Man/Woman).

The stuff is stored in the database using EF 4.1 Code First. Which works fine. Cause when I store a Woman, and I retrieve with context.Person.Where(p => p.Id == 1) it gets me a Woman object.

The problem I have is that I don't know what to use as a Model in the view.Person would be the most obvious, but then how would I be able to show/access/store the properties for Woman/Man. And in case of a create, the type is not known before hand (server side). The user can select either a Woman/Man, and expects to fill out the specific properties of a Woman or Man.

See this question for the model.

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There are two approaches that I see: 1) you deliver an HTML page that doesn't download additional properties, and 2) you will download additional properties via an AJAX request from your HTML page. In case 1, you need a special sort of model which is a superset of both Man and Woman properties. In case 2, you need to create separate models for the 'initial' view (the model will be Person), and for those AJAX-loaded properties (the models will be Man and Woman there). –  Zruty May 13 '11 at 12:47
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One way would be to create a separate partial view for Man and Woman, then load both views into divs on your page. Then use jquery to Hide/Show the divs after the drop down list selection changes.

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