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I have the following code in my C# class which remotely connects to a COM+ server on a remote machine.

Initailly it was failing at Activator.CreateInstance, as I didnt have a user on the COM+ server who was the same as the user launching the client.

Ive installed COM+ proxy stubs on my client machine, and imported these into my C# project. In the IDL file, there is only one interface definition, _AddressLookup, which inherits from IDispatch, but in the object viewer in C# i seem to get two interfaces, _AddressLookup and AddressLookup.

private string CreateEarly(string server)
    Type typeADLClass = typeof(LookupBusiness.AddressLookupClass);
    Type typeDCOM = Type.GetTypeFromCLSID(typeADLClass.GUID, 

    object objAdd = Activator.CreateInstance(typeDCOM);

    AddressLookupClass AddressLookupClass_result = (AddressLookupClass) Marshal.CreateWrapperOfType(objAdd, typeADLClass);

   catch(Exception e)
    return e.Message;
   return "Create - success";


When I run this code, I get:

Source object can not be converted to the destination type since it does not support all the required interfaces.

If I try and use late binding:

            object[] myArguments= {"", "39"};
            object c;
            c = typeDCOM.InvokeMember("Gett", BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, objAdd, myArguments);

I get Interface does not support IDispatch.

Can anyone help?

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It looks as if there were network port issues, ie they were being blocked by a firewall. Which may have caused this issue.

Running a netstat on the machine running the above code, shows COM initialising on port 135, but then returning calls on a new port (in the range 1024 - 5000, seaching for RPC server ports will find more details on this)

We had the return port blocked, so the COM+ server was spinning up, in DCOMCNFG, but then timeouts were occurring.

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