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I learn Grails and Spring Security plugin.

I don't know how to design sample web application with two layers: customer can view product and categories and order a product (if he/she is registered and logged in) and admin who can logged in to admin panel where he/she can manage categories and products (CRUD). My question is: should all users (admin and customer) be in one User class? I suppose that all apllication (catalog and admin panel) should be secured by Spring Security plugin.

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If you're using the Spring Security plugin then the default behavior assumes all users are instances of the same class. You can distinguish between an administrator and a customer by checking what's returned by the roles property of the user class.

The plugin provides a service and various Grails tags that you can use to figure out whether a user is an administrator, a cusomer, is authenticated, etc.

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yes all users should be one class. and then you assign roles to each user. for example a user can have the ROLE_USER, and another user can have the ROLE_USER,ROLE_ADMIN

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