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Hello everyone and good day!

Question: I had create a Basic InstallShield Project in my MSVC2010, added some files and primary outputs and press build. Project compiled normally: there was created MSI, setup.exe, setup.ini and (WTF?!) local directory structure of files, which I'm trying to install (for example, "Program Files\My Company\app.exe, ..." files was copied there). I throught that this is not needed folder, so copied my setup files (MSI, setup.exe, setup.ini) to another folder and start installation. When process of installation come on to copy state, installer gave me the error, that no required files (app.exe,...) was found.

Does anybody solve this problem? I think this is the simple one.


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Answer was found by myself, but thank you all any way...

To create a self-extracted install file you need to open "Releases" tab in your InstallShield Basic project and right click on configuration click "Release WIzard...".

All what I need is at this figure:

Release Wizard...

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enter image description here

Select Compressed from Compression option in properties view.

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This will create a Data1.cab file locally, still needed to be deployed with .msi. Is there any way to include all files, absolutely all inside the .msi file ? –  G. Ghez Jul 9 '14 at 13:01

Simple use the "single image" build. Not cd nor dvd

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