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I am trying to build a app in extjs 4 using the new MVC method approach. I have a grid where the user can click on a row and the editing is done Ext.window.

This Ext.window with tabs is defined in the controller as a view. I am having problems with 2 things:

  1. The window has 2 grids, which I would like to have populated from a store, when the tab is clicked. When defining the grid's store, I cannot access it even though it was deined in my controller. I tried

    ... xtype:'grid', store:MyApp.store.Products columns:[..] ... but no luck!

Also tried to define multiple stores for the view:

Ext.define('MyApp.view.Edit', {

but also no luck. If I have only ONE store defined in the view, I can access it with this.Countries for example.

2.. My second question is partly related. The Ext.window is a form getting populated with data from the grid row that was clicked. How can I populate one of the grids in the Ext.window form with the data that was pushed to it? Should it have an empty store by default and then have a listener on the tabclick? Or can I just push a data object into it?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Andy

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To answer your first question, you need to reference your stores in the controller. You could do something like this in your controller

stores  : ['Products', 'Countries'],

models  : ['Products', 'Countries'],

refs: [
    {ref: 'mytabpanel', selector: 'mytabs'}

 init: function() {
        'mytabs': {
            tabchange       : this.loadTabData

     //create a onProductsStoreLoad method to handle stuff
        scope: this,
        load : this.onProductsStoreLoad

loadTabData: function() {
   var activeTab = this.getMytabpanel().getActiveTab();
   //Do whatever you need
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Thank you. The logical part indeed needs to go to the controller. –  Andrea May 15 '11 at 20:39

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