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There is clear difference between the old waterfall SDLC and agile but what is the difference between iterative waterfall SDLC and agile?

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Can you provide a clear definition of what you mean by "Iterative Waterfall"? Also, have you read the Agile Manifesto? It's not a "methodology". It's just some principles. Can you include a reference, link or quote from to help us understand what you mean by "Iterative Waterfall". –  S.Lott May 13 '11 at 15:13
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if your definition of the iterative waterfall SDLC matches the wikipedia description of iterfall then the difference is in how much design is done up front, and how excessive planning and documenting is done at the beginning.

Test driven development (a.k.a Test First Design) as an important piece of the agile puzzle leads to small design steps while developing a shippable software.

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