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We are working on a project, where we will be connecting a rowing machine, a Concept 2 machine, equipped with a PM4 computer. We will develop a web application, to work further with the data. Not more on that for now.

As we are delivering a web service, we would rather not use a desktop program to communicate with our server. The drawbacks of using a desktop application would be inconvenience for the user, multiple versions for multiple platforms and so on.

The best way, as I see it, would be to use a java applet of some kind. I have seen some libraries, such a jUSB, but they seem overly outdated.

If, we assume, there will be no problem coding an applet, how is the process with signing an applet, how dependent are we on the platform, and can we count on, that our users have an updated Java runtime environment?

On the rowing machine, we have very good documentation for the protocol. See here.

Does anyone of you have suggestions?

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The drawbacks of using a desktop application would be inconvenience for the user, multiple versions for multiple platforms and so on.

If you can do a single distributable (J)Applet, you can do a single distributable (J)Frame, and launch it using Java Web Start.

It is specially USB I/O, I'm concerned with.

I am not familiar with working with USB devices, but AFAIU that requires native libs.

If the app. requires natives - they are also easier to deploy for a JWS app. than for applets. The JNLP launch file provides the nativelib element for Jars that contain natives. The natives can be partitioned according to OS & architecture (so a Windows 7 based, 64 bit JRE only downloads the native-x64.dll). The natives will be added to the run-time class path of the application.

Any JWS app. that requires natives will need to be digitally signed and declare all-permissions in the security element of the JNLP file. (1)

I am not familiar with (J)Frame or Java Web Start, could you provide some good place to get started(?)

Most of the best links I could find (and make) are collected in the JWS & JNLP info pages linked above. I see you've already found my JNLP API examples. ;)

As to working with frame based GUIs, are you already experienced at making applets? If so, check out Convert an Applet to Application. Also handy will be How to Make Frames (Main Windows) in the Java Tutorial.

The file service example (1) is also based on a JFrame. You might also check out the Nested Layout Example as another fine (if I say so myself) example of a frame based GUI.

  1. For an example of a simple JFrame that is digitally signed and trusted, see the trusted version of the file service demo.
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