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I'm not sure how to word my question more clearly. Basically, is PyPlot limited to one instance/window? Any hack or workaround I try either causes my program to freeze or for the second pyplot window to be queued until the first one is closed.

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Sure, just open a new figure:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


plt.plot(range(10), 'ro-')


If you're running this in the default python interpreter, this won't work, as each figure needs to enter the gui's mainloop. If you want to run things in an interactive shell, look into IPython. If you just run this normally (i.e. put it into a file and call python filename.py) it will work fine, though.

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It is implicit in this answer (and I missed it) that you should only call plt.show() one time at the end. This is discussed further at stackoverflow.com/a/2399978/527489. If you call plt.show() multiple times, then it still does the queueing that the OP mentions (blocks each window until the previous window is closed). – sage Dec 3 '15 at 18:32

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