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I’m newbuy on Sencha framework. I read the partial guidebook which I have found on the website to try to create some panels with tabs and buttons. I would like to be able to understand how to create a my “events.js file” where putting the touch gesture event and calling them back into a mean myJS.js file. Particularly, in “dockeditems” which I have created for my mean panel, I have declared a tabPanel, some buttons and a panel where I have specified, as ‘html’, a .svg design file containing a planimetry. I wish I could apply ONLY on this last panel, containing this planimetry (for scaling by fingers), the TOUCH gesture events as PINCH, TAP, etc… How can I do this ? Could you let me see a very simple example of the way to use a touchEvent.js file (which I have to implement) and how to connect it to the mean file containing the EXT.SETUP( …. onReady…..) ? Something like that:


myHandler = function() {“Pinching”};


Ext.setup ({ onReady: function(){
new Ext.panel({ dockeditems: myitems })
var dockedItems = [{

xtype: 'toolbar',

title: 'Planimetry',

ui: 'dark',

dock: 'top',

items: “ some buttons “,

width: '75%',
html: '<object data="planimetry.svg" style="width: 100%; height: 100%" type="image/svg+xml" id="plan"/>',
handler: myHandler // HERE I WISH CALL BACK MY HANDLER
items: [“something”]

Thanks in advance :)


sorry for my english (i'm italian :P)

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This video is fantastic : But now, the REAL question is.... How can i add an eventHandler on an HTML's element ?! Can i call back the SVG's ID ? Listener, that i have created by that video, responds only on panel, not on the svg too :'( – kinghomer May 13 '11 at 16:52

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