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I have a problem in my Rails Project. It runs on Rails 2 by the way.

<%= form.hidden_field :foo %>

Is it possible to get the value of this hidden field with jQuery? Maybe something like this:

var foo = jQuery('hidden_field').val();

Any Ideas?

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I would use the ':hidden' selector in jQuery ( http://api.jquery.com/hidden-selector/ ). To expand on @Koraktor's examples:

var foo = jQuery('#foo:hidden').val();


var foo = jQuery('form#some_form input[name="foo"]:hidden').val();  
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Thank you! I included the :hidden and it is working! –  MarkoHiel May 13 '11 at 15:03

You will have to use the ID of the field (or some other unique selectors):

var foo = jQuery('#foo').val();


var foo = jQuery('form#some_form input[name="foo"]').val();

PS: Getting the value of a hidden is nothing different from a normal field. Hiding a field is a pure interface decision.

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A rails hidden field is identical to a rails non-hidden field.

jQuery("[name=foo]") will get that field.

For nested forms you can get all inputs of those sorts by jQuery("[name $= '[foo]'").

There are also queries for hidden fields like jQuery(":input:hidden") :input selects input, select, textarea, button vs just input elements..

In the end <input type="hidden"/> is identical to <input type="text"/> when it comes to name selectors or id selectors or anything.

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