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I use the MapView from Google and have real bigger problem with it. Especially with the multitouch zooming. I am using an Android 2.2 Tablet. First thing needed to make this working was specifing in the AndroidManifest that xlarge screens are supported.

So what happen now. 90 % of the time zooming works. But sometimes it does not work and all my overlays (I also use Views from mapballons project to display on top of the map) are moving around while the tiles stay at the same position. Zooming does not work anymore. After some seconds and touching around as dump it begins to work again.

I don't know why that happens, and there are no exception in the logcat.

I have also attached an SimpleGestureListener on the MapView but don't consume gestures which are important (only Double Tap). But the problem also occurs without a GestureListener.

It would be helpful if someone had also such strange behaviour and know why that happens.

EDIT: While in that strange mode, it is also not possible to zoom with the zoom button and toggle to satelite. It totally reacts strange

EDIT2: I can confirm this is in more application i have on the 2.2 Tablet. It also occurs mainly when you start pinnching in the left side of the map

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This sounds like the same problem posted here: Weird MapView problem; PixelConverter Error

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It could be the problem, but i got no logcat outputs and no white banner what they mention. Also it occurs mainly on the left side of the MapView –  ludwigm May 13 '11 at 15:44

The reason that it happens on the left side of the MapView is because your thumb is registered as a multi-touch. Some caculation gets fudged up when that happens.

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