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Xcode 4 has a very nice built-in help/documentation that you can access e.g. by alt-clicking an identifier in the code, or by opening the help panel in the right sidebar. However, this only works for classes and methods provided by Apple. Is there a way to write some kind of documentation comments (e.g. like the Javadoc comments in Java) in your own code to make Xcode display them in those documentation panels?

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It's maintained by Apple so it should be well supported. I never actually used it, may try it later.

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Ok, it looks like there's no good tool really... there are a few different ones, but they're imperfect and difficult to configure. I couldn't get Doxygen or Appledoc to work, and the tool mentioned by Avizzv92 is referred to as "a pile of poo" elsewhere, so I'd rather not try it... :)

Info that I've found:

How do you document your source code in Xcode?





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