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As you can see from the demo, I have two divs, notice and content:

notice is for error messages that occasionally need to be displayed while content is for the main page content that is always present.

I created a button (closebutton) that causes the notice section to disappear.

But I don't know how to position it in the upper right area of the notice div - where you would expect a close button to be - without interfering with the flow of text.

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Place the button before the text and add this CSS:

  float: right;
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I would probably do it like this:


#notice {
    position: relative
#closebutton {
    position: absolute;
    top: -14px; right: -14px;
    width: 28px; height: 28px

You could do it without the -14px, but then it would look like this: (which is no good because the text overlaps).

In that case, you'd be better going with one of the float: right-based answers. Or a smaller button.

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im no expert in css but check this out

small button

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You have two options:

One is getting the button before the text (inside the div) like that:

    <button id="closebutton" style="display: inline; float: right">Close</button>

The other is getting a div on the top and the getting the button code above.

The difference between them is that in the first on, the text will co-exist with the button in the same area. In the second one, the div above will create an empty area, because the button will have floated to the right.

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