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I made an app switching to full screen mode. I want to use ESC key to escaping fullscreen mode, but binding menu item to ESC key in IB is removed at runtime. How can I keep ESC key binding to a menu item?

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Preferred way to handle escape key in Cocoa is this as like @Josh Caswell said.

#pragma mark    -   NSResponder
- (void)cancelOperation:(id)sender
    [self exitFullScreen];
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One way to capture keyboard events involves subclassing:

  1. Subclass your full-screen class (e.g.) NSView.
  2. Add the method - (void) keyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent to the subclass implementation.
  3. Open up InterfaceBuilder and select the full-screen class that you previously created.
  4. Change its class to your new subclass.

The subclass looks something like:


@interface MySubclass : NSView {


@implementation MySubclass
- (void)keyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent
    switch([theEvent keyCode]) {
        case 53: // esc
                    // Call the full-screen mode method
            [super keyDown:theEvent];

This doesn't bind the ESC key to the menu item, but it does give you equivalent functionality (and a bit more flexability since you can intercept all keyboard events).

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Another option is implementing cancelOperation:, which also responds to ⌘-. –  Josh Caswell May 13 '11 at 18:35

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