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I've read all the docs, got the code working to authenticate and authorize and post to FB wall, and I'm still confused.

If I use the FB Connect login, I get back an accessToken. This token is valid for the session, until the user logs out of FB. So apps that say "login through facebook" must be keeping some kind of info to identify the user.
Do they continually replace/update the access token - that seems to violate the idea that a primary key should not change. Or do they keep a session ID - that seems to have the same problem.



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You can use the accessToken to query FB about user info such as facebook id, which will identify the user. – albertamg May 13 '11 at 16:02
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It depends on what you need the access_token for. For example if you are publishing content on behalf of the user, you don't need an access_token (or a valid session-online user) at all!

Facebook will check if the user id you are trying to post on his behalf has granted your app the publish_stream permission then the process will continue as if the user is logged in.

So basically the user id "uid" should be considered a primary key not the access_token. Even if you want an access_token that will never change or expire (in theory) which you can get using the offline_access permission, it's not a good idea to treat it as a primary key.
Not because it may get repeated but it may get expired at some rare circumstances.

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Got it. Thanks very much. – Rayfleck May 13 '11 at 16:41

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