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I'm looking for a more datamappery way of doing the following (since the code below is dependent on sqlite):

id = repository(:default).adapter.query(
  'SELECT id FROM ads ORDER BY random() LIMIT 1'
@ad = Ad.get(id)

My hope was to do something like:

@ad = Ad.get(:offset=>rand(Ad.all.count))


@ad = Ad.find(:offset=>rand(Ad.all.count), :limit=>1)

Basically I'm just looking for a way to get a row by offset or row number. Apologies if this has been asked already, I'm not sure what vocabulary to search for as I'm new to both Ruby and Datamapper

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You can use request Ad.first :offset => rand(Ad.count), but it invokes 2 SQL statements:

SELECT "id" FROM "ads" ORDER BY "id" LIMIT 1

Also you can use raw SQL:

repository.adapter.select "SELECT * FROM ads ORDER BY RANDOM() LIMIT 1"
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The Ad.first :offset => n part is what I was looking for in this case, thanks tons! Though in a real app I'd just use the raw sql, so thanks for that too. – Nilloc May 16 '11 at 13:23

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