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I have a very simple cube.

This is the schema of the data source:

  - DimRateCardID int (FK to DimRateCard)
  - SalesDate int (FK to DimDateID)
  - Sales int

  - DimRateCardID int
  - Product Name string
  - Customer Name string
  - Rate money

  - DimDateID int
  - Year int
  - Month int
  - Day int
  - IsHoliday bit

The cube structure is

Measure Groups:
 - FactSales.Sales 
 - DimRateCard.Rate

    1) DimRateCard:
      - Attribute - DimRateCardID, Product Name, Customer Name,
      - Hierarchy - (Customer Name, Product Name)

    2) DimDate:
      - Attribute - DimDateID, Year, Month, Day, IsHoliday
      - Hierarchy - (Year, Month, Day)

I am trying to create a calculated member to calculate the total cost as follows

MEMBER Measures.[Total Cost]
    AS [DimRateCard].[Rate].membervalue * [FactSales].[Sales]
FORMAT_STRING = "Currency",
FROM [DW Snow Flake]

The Cost column returns #error, but seems to work fine if I select [DimRateCard].[RateCardID] on COLUMNS. I come from a background of relationship database. This is something that I am trying to achieve in SQL.

SELECT drc.CustomerName, drc.ProductName, SUM(f.Sales * drc.Rate)
FROM FactSales f
INNER JOIN DimRateCard drc ON drc.DimRateCardID = f.DimRateCardID
GROUP BY drc.CustomerName, drc.ProductName

Can someone shed some light on this issue?

Just to clarify why I put the rate in a dimension rather in FactSales. The way the rate is determined is by the number of sales made over a date range (as determined by marketing). For example, say we charge $5 per unit for purchase of 5 units or less, $4 units for purchase between 6 to 15 units, $3 for purchase between 16 to 25 units. If you buy 3 units today, 5 tomorrow, and 10 the week after (18 in total), you get charged $3 per unit.


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Could you please post the exact structure of your DimRateCard dimension? Is there a hierarchy, or is it has just one level? –  Santiago Cepas May 16 '11 at 14:40
I added. There's 1 hierarchy. –  David May 16 '11 at 16:01
I see you have a measure group "Rate". Have you created a Rate measure as well? If so, you should change the calculated measure to [Measures].[Rate] * [Measures].[Sales] –  Santiago Cepas May 17 '11 at 7:41
ya, DimRateCard.Rate is a measure. The "Rate" measure group has 1 measure: Rate from DimRateCard. I think the problem is similar to sqldev.org/sql-server-analysis-services/…. The cube can't related DimToken.Rate to the key, so "All" is returned with I do MEMBER Measures.[Total Cost] AS [DimRateCard].[Rate].membervalue * [FactSales].[Sales] –  David May 17 '11 at 20:22

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