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Problem with the new App engine connected android application projects for the google eclipse plugin? This is the "Big Daddy" sample shown at goolge i/o 2011. My sample project compiles and the android app appears to work fine and registers with the server. However when I send a message from the server I get the following: Having issue with sample project. Android appears to work fine and registers with the server and the c2dm server, however I cannot send a message.

Also of note on the server is a c2dmconfig datastore object. It has fields for authToken and c2dmUrl. The authToken has a token, however the c2dmUrl is NULL. I suspect this is where my problem lies, but not sure how to fix it.

Thanks Patrick

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I found this question by wondering the same thing, if the c2dmUrl being null is a problem. It would seem that this is not an issue though. If you look at the C2DMConfig (the entity that you are referencing), there is a function called "getC2DMUrl". Here it is:

public String getC2DMUrl() {
  if (c2dmUrl == null) {
} else {
  return c2dmUrl;

So null is a supported value for this. If a specific URL isn't specified, it simply returns it to the default.

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Got point there. I moved on from the Big Daddy sample and wrote my own implementation of C2DM and it is working fine. Thanks for the input though. – Patrick Apr 16 '12 at 12:56

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