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I'm trying to connect to SQL Server 2008 express database from Visual Studio 2010 using data connection wizard. I choose new connection -> MS Sql Server then I choose the only available server name (PAVEL-PC\SQLEXPRESS). The problem is i cannot see my database in the combobox below. System databases (like master, model, msdb etc) are shown though. I've managed to find similar questions (like this one: Cannot connect to SQL Server database in Visual Studio because my database isn't there) and it seems I'm having permission issues. However I cannot understand which user (and where) should I add.

The account name which I'm running my Visual Studio on is Pavel. My computer name is Pavel-PC. I'm not sure what my SQL Servers account names are, but it was installed using default settings.

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Here is the answer to my question:


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I don't know what's wrong. I am trying with computer name. When I saw your post, try with computername\SQLEXPRESS. Then it work well. –  Megamind Aug 27 '13 at 8:26
@Megamind Well it probably was some weird configuration problem. Hostname\instanceName also worked well many times on other computers for me –  Pavel Murygin Aug 27 '13 at 13:29

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