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There's a quiz on project site where you answer some questions and based on answers get a result. The result differs from time to time, but client demands, that the result (custom message) should be able to be shared on facebook.

All I want to do is share the url to the quiz with a custom message, ie: 'I answered 6 out of 10 questions in quiz about History, what about you?', but yes, Like button doesn't do it, share button is kind of dead and have no idea about other solutions.

How could I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


Seriously... There is no way to perform such a simple task?

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possible duplicate of Customize message field on Facebook Share – Mike Lyons Nov 6 '13 at 23:36
@Mike, How come a question asked in 2011 is a duplicate of question asked in 2012? :O – jolt Nov 8 '13 at 10:42
Haha good question. I think because the answer is out of date and the functionality provided in it has been removed. So the newer answer is the one I eventually found that helped me, but this one was the one I wasted a good chunk of time on first to much frustration. – Mike Lyons Nov 8 '13 at 17:30

What about Feed dialog ?

Direct users to this link to get a sharer-like dialog:
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Huh, any chance of doing it the "no application" way? – jolt May 16 '11 at 5:44
Okay, looks like this is it, probably even the only way. – jolt May 16 '11 at 16:49
what is the app id? – cV2 Aug 11 '11 at 12:08
cV2: you need to create a Facebook app here: and you'll get the app_id to use. – Soufiane Hassou Aug 11 '11 at 17:08
@Tim Seconded. Message no longer appears to be populated... – Endophage Jan 4 '12 at 23:40

Seems like facebook ignores the message parameter since 2011:

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