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I used to have a HtmlHelper written in C# code. Instead of it, I just created a cool Razor @helper and put it in my App_Code folder! :) My HtmlHelper function had a summary:

/// <summary>Html Helper for such and such bla..</summary>
/// <param name="param1">The bla bla param</param>
/// <param name="param2">Param2, more bla...</param>

so that when a developer is using this Helper, he gets intellisense. Is there a way to do this for my @helper? Thanks!

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The answer is that this is probably not possible with the current version of razor.

Thinking about it a bit more would also suggest that it will not be a feature that will be added, as razor is about less syntax (terseness) and adding summary comments would certainly not help with that goal. The fact that you can have a traditional helper with summary means that there is a way to get helpers with summary comments, so not a show stopper for razor either.

I am sure that if this was possible, the gu would have blogged it.

I like the idea though - why not suggest it in a comment to him?

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Hmm... If it's not possible, then suggesting it is a good idea! I like. – Dimskiy May 13 '11 at 19:53
I think it's unlikely to be added for the reasons Oded gave. This functionality is for very tiny reusable pieces of code within a view, I think the intention is that you could create C# helpers for substantial reusable methods across a project. – Danny Tuppeny May 14 '11 at 8:51

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