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I have a web.xml that has this in it:


(... more CAS-filters)




(... more CAS-filter-mappings and the rest of my web.xml...)

Environment: Spring 2.5, Glassfish 2.1

And this works as expected -- namely, the CASRebroadcastFilter intercepts and handles the appropriate calls and allows everything else to pass through.

But if I change my filter-mapping to this:


It doesn't work. And by "doesn't work" I mean exactly that: everything passes through the CASRebroadcastFilter as if it's just not there and not a single error or other thing is output.

It's as if the <servlet-name> tag just doesn't work within the context of some aspect of my environment.

Has anyone else seen this or know what might be causing this?

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Could be due to the fact that you change the ordering of filters when you set it using servlet-name. The servlet container will run filters in the order they are configured in web.xml, first those using a url-pattern then those using servlet-name. So a filter using url-pattern is always executed before one using servlet-name.

So by changing it to using servlet-name you're effectively placing it after all filters using url-pattern.

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