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Can you help me to get the right Network Connectivity tests so Apple do not reject my App (apparently this is one of the most common reasons for rejection).

My App needs network connectivity:

  • occasionally on startup for updates (either initially or if the user has stopped it running in the background)

  • upon request for updates

  • access to twitter etc

It currently handles any failures to connect with an appropriate message.

However, this may take a while if there is no connection and my understanding is that I need to use the code from Apple's Reachability to test it up front.

I've now added that and the test for internet connectivity works fine and updates appropriately using notifications as suggested.

However, the host connection doesn't show reconnection after a failure. I've read that I might need to use a CFStream to re-ignite it but am unsure how to do that.

So my two questions are:

  • is it sufficient (for Apple) to just do the more reliable internet connection test and in the event that the host fails, handle that in my secondary thread that does that? I've looked at the Apple guidelines and elsewhere and its not clear whether I need to do the host test too (in advance of trying to actually download the data).

  • if not, could someone help with the CFStream code?

Any help would be warmly welcomed.

Many thanks,


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could you explain what the "hostconnection" is ? –  Matt May 13 '11 at 22:39
The test for a specific host, which in theory is the next step up from just checking there is internet connectivity. However, it only does a DNS lookup rather than going to the actual host. So if you're using your own host and other major ones such as Twitter, then I cannot see how its that useful. Its one of the tests undertaken in the Reachability sample. –  Chris May 14 '11 at 20:10

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As long as you handle connection failures gracefully, your app should be fine.

The main reason for rejecting apps is when apps crash or becomes unresponsive if there is no network available.

My suggestion is: don't overdo it. I've been there and the amount of variations to test and account for is too much for what it's worth. Just set up and listen for reachability notifications and then handle them. I have used this implementation instead of the Apple code. It's a bit easier to use and more fine grained.

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Hi Martin, thanks for the reassuring "[just] handle connection failures gracefully" response - just what I needed. I had seen the other implementation but will continue with reachability and just check for an internet connection, which seems to work fine. I will not use the host test for the reasons stated in my response to Matt. –  Chris May 14 '11 at 20:14

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