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I am given a CSV file of below format and was asked to write a java pgm to read this csv in the same exact format without modifying.

Initially, I changed the csv to excel file by saving it as excel workbook and started using JExcel api.Now, I have written a program that could read the excel version of this csv. Since, I have a pgm that reads excel version of this csv, what I am looking now is to read the csv using a java pgm and change it to excel.

1) what would be a best way to change this csv to excel ... Also, I don't want to try openCSV,superCSV, CSV reader and stuff.

2) Can Apache POI do that.If so, can anybody suggest me a working example.

3) Also, jExcel doesn't support like remove operations on the original workbook while reading it.So, I had to work a little too much traversing every row and column and eliminating unnecessary rows.Now, in future if my csv format changes then I may have to redo lot of stuf

My CSV Format:

Daily Blotter   8/12/2010 9:53              
Tra Date                    
Number  Sys   rate            Trig               Inst
5105                1.3                         EUR Call
5106    EUR/USD         1.3      1.225       Reverse Knocking EUR Put
5107    EUR/USD         1.3              EUR Call
                                         If you observe, the rate column values are empty and they are actually in next column similarly, I have total empty columns too.Our csv could change its format in future too.In this scenario,if something new kicks in ,I may have to change the entire program or add the necessary logic.Is there any way I could know the generic way of writing the program that could fit my purpose.  

Thanks for reading.

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unless stackoverflow's code formatter messed with your post, that doesn't look like a csv file. – V a a m Y o b May 13 '11 at 20:33
yeah, I was just trying to show you how it looks like if you open with excel.In that way, the values you could see what I am trying to do. – aditya86c May 13 '11 at 21:17
Can you post the csv file? That'd be a lot more helpful. – V a a m Y o b May 15 '11 at 12:51

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