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I have a Uri object - what property of it will give me the relative path? Of how can I decipher the relative path the file with this Uri. I am coding in c#.

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are you working with relative to the current page? – Bala R May 13 '11 at 21:16
yes and relative to current path – amateur May 13 '11 at 21:18
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use the Uri.MakeRelativeUri Method (System)

straight from MSDN:

// Create a base Uri.
Uri address1 = new Uri("");

// Create a new Uri from a string.
Uri address2 = new Uri(""); 

// Determine the relative Uri.  
Console.WriteLine("The difference is {0}", address1.MakeRelativeUri(address2));

furthermore, if you are always looking for the relative path from the root of the domain you could also use myUri.AbsolutePath

Here's a screenie of the Uri debug view with two examples of MakeRelativeUri at the bottom using the following Uri objects

Uri myUri = new Uri("");
Uri myHost = new Uri("");
Uri myHost2 = new Uri("");

Uri debug

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