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Here are my models:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to    :picture,               :foreign_key  => 'picture_id', 
                                        :class_name   => 'UploadedFile', 
                                        :dependent    => :destroy

  has_many      :enrolled_groups,      :through      => :interests

class Group < ActiveRecord::Base

  has_many :enrolled_users,       :through      => :interests,
                                  :source       => :user

I want to get an XML feed for my Groups with the enrolled users and their picture information.

The following line works fine (just with the enrolled users):

render :xml => @group.to_xml(:include => [:enrolled_users] )

How can I also include the picture info in the feed? I tried a bunch of things but can't figure it out... any idea?

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If doing .to_xml(:include => [:enrolled_users, :picture]) doesn't work, then the hacky way would be to add (in User class):

def attributes
  super.merge(:picture => picture)
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You should be able to access nested resources by something like this:

render :xml => @group.to_xml(:include => [{:enrolled_users => :picture}])
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I couldn't get it to work with the other proposed solutions. The way I ended up doing it was as follow:

In the controller:

render :xml => @group.to_xml(:include => {:enrolled_users => {:methods => :picture_url}})

In the model:

def picture_url
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